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At wag tails, we offer a full range of services which differ depending on the breed of dog and the condition of your dogs coat (matted and knotted, thick coated etc..) Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or just to ask a question; we are happy to talk through your dogs specific needs and requirements.  We can groom and style your dog to how you prefer them to look whether it be short to suit their lifestyle or long and fluffy. 

FULL GROOM .... includes double shampoo, thorough rinse, towel dry, blow dry, clip & style, nail trimming, ear hair removed & cleaned, underneath pads trimming.

Small dogs: £30


Medium dogs: £40

Large / complex dogs: £50+

(prices may vary depending on condition of coat & breed)

BATH & BLOW DRY (nails trimmed included)

Small dogs: £15

Medium dogs: £20

Large / Extra Large dogs: £25-£30

FULL HAND STRIP ....includes same services as full groom as well as hand strip

from £50.

please contact us for a hand stripping quote as prices vary depending on the breed.

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